About Richmond Foundry LLC

Richmond Foundry LLC is a modern, high production non-ferrous foundry founded as Richmond Industries, Inc. in 1959. We are conveniently located off exit 8-A on the New Jersey Turnpike in Dayton, New Jersey. Richmond Foundry LLC can provide both raw and fully machined castings upon request in order to enhance the buying process.

In addition to bronze castings, the following types of castings can be provided through a liaison Richmond Foundry LLC has entered into with several manufacturers:

  • Gray

  • Ductile

  • Shell Mold

  • Investment

  • Stainless Steel

  • Carbon

  • Die Cast

How do we do it?

For over 50 years, Richmond Foundry LLC has provided high quality, competitively priced castings from right here in the USA – surviving and even thriving in the face of increased outsourcing and overseas competition. We have been able to achieve success through the years through continued automation and improvement of the casting process, as well as looking at the casting process not purely as pricing a product. The individuals we employ share the same vision of efficiency, innovation and quality.

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