Richmond Industries joins The Dixon Group, Inc.

The Dixon Group, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of North American manufacturer Richmond Foundry, LLC, formerly Richmond Industries, Inc., to its family of companies.

The Dixon Group Inc

Located in Dayton, New Jersey, Richmond is a 40,000 square foot foundry that produces high quality brass and bronze sand castings. With over 50 years of experience in metal casting, the company serves the fire suppression, military and marine support, and mechanical and electrical industries.

Richmond produces castings up to 2,000 pounds and handles orders ranging from a single piece up to thousands of pieces. In addition to high quality casted parts, Richmond provides value-added services such as machining, painting, polishing, plating, assembly as well as tooling.

The company has been a key supplier to the Dixon Group for many years, and its responsive, domestic team will continue to provide the same quality service to both internal and external customers.

The Dixon Group, Inc. family of companies consists of Dixon Valve & Coupling Company, LLC, Buck Company, LLC, Bearon Manufacturing, LLC, Hydrasearch Company, LLC, and Richmond Foundry, LLC.

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2020 Trade Show Schedule

Design 2 Part Show

Design 2  Part Show
Mohegan Sun Exposition Center, Uncasville, CT
June 3 & 4
Booth # 160

Design 2 Part Show
Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlborough, MA
September 23 & 24
Booth # TBD

Design 2 Part Show
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, PA
October 28 & 29
Booth # TBD

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New Cooling System Upgrade

Richmond Industries Invests $150,000 in New Cooling System for Foundry Melt Operations

In April of 2017 Richmond Industries purchased an open fiberglass cooling tower along with a water-to-water plate and frame heat exchanger, including a dual filtration system and pumping module. Installation of the new system started during our summer shutdown, which began on July 24th.

The new closed loop cooling system will not only be more efficient, but will also reduce our maintenance costs while eliminating unnecessary downtime. The existing 18-year-old system used water to cool the furnaces and had many issues caused by poor water quality. 

The new system utilizes a water-to-water plate and frame heat exchanger installed inside the building. It will use cold filtered water from an outside open cooler made of fiberglass. The system has been sized to handle over 1750 KW of induction heat load that powers our six furnaces. Although the system still uses water to carry heat away from the furnaces, it will be a closed loop system on the furnace side of the cooling system, thereby eliminating plugging caused by contamination and poor water quality.
 “This investment will service our furnace and power supplies for many years to come,” explained Ed Chando, Richmond’s foundry manager.

This article was published in the Industry News of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing’s September-October 2017 issue.

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Demand Control – Capital Project 2014/2015

Demand Control

In July 2015 Richmond Industries purchased and installed a demand management system from Powerit Solutions located in Seattle Washington. The Spara unit uses sophisticated load prediction and control algorithms, built in load shedding intelligence along with data drawn from our furnaces, utility meter and transmissions to optimize our facility energy use. The system utilizes integrated hardware and software that is connected to Richmond Industries power cabinets allowing for greater automation of its melting systems. This system along with a web based interface enables real time reporting and remote monitoring of our energy consumption.

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Power Quality – Capital Project 2014/2015

Power Quality

Richmond Industries has just completed the first year utilizing the Hershey Electrical Power Quality System. This system uses capacitors, variable reactors, and a controller for power factor correction, phase balancing and voltage stability. The power conditioning is performed at the main buss of our transformer and has resulted in Richmond Industries increasing its overall power factor. In addition this system protects us from surge and transient issues, broadband harmonics mitigation, brownout protection and also helps to reduce our Carbon footprint.

We are currently scheduled to perform our annual PAP to insure that our system continues to provide Richmond Industries added protection.

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